S3500 Hygienic Toilet Seat (with Power Supply)

100% hygienic toilet seat for guaranteed clean toilet use (power supply included).

Part-Nr. 60.001

The Cleanest Seat

In seconds a clean and dry toilet seat, we call this hygiene.

The S3500 automatic toilet seat guarantees a clean and hygienic seating on the toilet for every person. By activating the sensor, the toilet seat is prepared with a new piece of sterile hygienic film. Every user of the toilet has visual proof that the seat ring film has been exchanged with a new sanitary one. The easy to clean design reduces time spent cleaning and toilet while the easy-exchange disposables take only seconds to replace.

For your image

  • Consistently clean toilet
  • Sensor activation
  • Show employees and customers you care about their comfort
  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • LCD display shows important informaiton
  • Economical and efficient

Scope of delivery: Hygienic Toilet Seat with a removable lid, power transformer, Hygoplast roll, blade, key, mounting material, and user manual.

The S3500 Hygienic Toilet Seat is also available with an integrated PowerPack.

To learn more about the S3500 hygienic toilet seat, visit the dedicated product page.



Order unit

Carton of 6 pieces

EPAL (Pallet unit)

96 seats (12 boxes with 6 seats each)




2 years