About Hygolet

Our History

Hygolet was founded in Switzerland in 1978 with the vision of providing the most hygienic and comfortable public toilet using experience in the world. The vision was achieved by the patented invention of the world’s first hygienic toilet seat, allowing customers to use the toilet comfortably without coming into contact with the traces of previous restroom users. Over the years, our vision has been expanded upon to include a full range of products to allow using public bathroom s hygienically and conveniently. More recently our range has expanding outside of the restroom with products focused on increasing hygiene in shared working or leisure spaces.

Family Operated

As a family-owned and operated company, we place a high value on reliability and product quality. Despite having a global customer base and supply chain, we are committed to our local communities. Many of our products, especially stainless-steel products are produced in Switzerland. Our famous hygienic toilet seats are assembled with great dedication at our US and Swiss production sites. Even after 40 years and several product generations, the seats are still being perfected with love by Swiss know-how.

Hygolet Worldwide

We founded our company in Switzerland and quickly expanded our business with a second headquarter in the United States. Thanks to the dedicated teams at both locations we are able to supply our products to our distribution partners around the world efficiently and cost-effectively.

We have a local presence in the form of a sales and service organization in Switzerland, just outside of Zurich and in the USA in South Florida through which we get quick and precise feedback about all our products, so we are intimately familiar with their entire lifecycle.

Hygolet Brand

We produce and distribute hygiene products for public bathrooms and shared spaces. Our products fall into the categories of luxury and price-value. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of product quality, reliability, and longevity, and therefore sustainability. We strive to offer a high quality of service and support to our customers with the goal of creating long-term relationships.

About Our Products

Our products are made to last a long time which makes them sustainable. We believe purchasing a high-quality product reduces follow-up costs and reduces unnecessary waste, for that reason you can expect the following qualities from our products.

  • Easy to operate

  • Attractive design

  • Above-average service life

  • Easy to clean

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Swiss quality standards

Product Lines

The Whiteline, Steelline and Steelline Standard product lines are perfectly coordinated and offer many advantages.